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“Showing a great appreciation for the world I see around me…that’s the most important thing.”

Please allow me to introduce myself.  My name is LJ Corley and I am a self-described “Life Enthusiast”.  I say that with both a hint of humor and yet great sincerity.  I’ve been lucky enough to have many amazing adventures in my life and I’ve learned to appreciate the fact that each day is to be enjoyed to its fullest, so I embrace life with great abandon.

My delve into photography started with a little bit of travel and a big dose of cancer. You see, it was only after my cancer diagnosis in 2005, that I threw myself into photography and digital editing as a means of escape during my treatment.  That was the silver lining for me through that entire ordeal….the discovery of a new passion!

Since that time, I’ve grown very passionate about photography.  I rarely use a tripod and never leave home without a camera. That’s not to say I will take a photograph of just anything though. I see potential in an image. That’s the only reason I take it. I don’t see the finished product or what will come of it, but I sense the presence of something interesting in it. There’s always a surprise for me in what comes out of my work.

I have always been able to find beauty in the smallest and most unlikely of places.  It wasn’t until I delved into digital photography that I was able to physically capture things that only my eye had appreciated in the past.  I believe there’s amazing beauty all around us.  A person doesn’t need to travel to Venice or Rome to witness beauty. We just need to be open to it.

I don’t create “run of the mill” photography. I am not regimented by rules. I create art for myself, ultimately, and enjoy sharing it with others. I’d like people to walk away from my work saying “Wow, that’s different!”.

My hope is that my photographs allow you, the viewer, a previously unseen perspective into things around you often considered unimportant and unnoticed as well as an appreciation of the beauty in the simplest of things.

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Wow, your work is amazing! The images look more like paintings than photographs and you have a gift for finding beauty in simple things.

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