Making the Ordinary...Extraordinary - What do you mean by that?

“Making the Ordinary...Extraordinary”

That phase might sound a tad bit familiar. It’s our tag line and the overarching theme behind every image we create.

Now you might be asking yourself "what exactly do you mean by that?" I mean ordinary versus extraordinary can be quite subjective, right?!. Because our medium is digitally enhanced photography, Larry has few limitations really on where he can take a photograph from start to finish. The options are truly endless. His goal, though, is to always make each image sing! No 2 photos are the same. Each "sings' differently.

Take this for example. This is the before (AKA ordinary).......

Falling Leaves (before) - Dulce Vida Images

And this is the after.....

Falling Leaves (After) - Dulce Vida Images

Quite an amazing transformation, isn’t it?

Larry always carries a camera with him, be it a DSLR or his point and shoot, because you never know when a moment will present itself. He won’t take a photo of just anything and then digitally enhance it. He is very selective and actually gets a sense of its potential, the end project, as he’s witnessing something. So even with something very ordinary at first glance, he sees the potential for making it into something so much more than it is.

Years ago, he attempted to become a painter as a means of channeling his creativity, but somehow the brush did not connect well with his brain and what he wanted to create. He’ll tell you he couldn’t get what he saw in his head to come out of the brush.

It wasn’t until a cancer diagnosis 14 years ago stopped him in his tracks that he was able to discover digital photography was the missing spark for his creativity. It was a Godsend that created a much needed diversion to help him through his diagnosis and treatment and continues to be such a creative outlet for him on a daily basis now.

There are proponents and opponents to digitally enhanced photography. Some will argue it’s “cheating” of sorts, but obviously we don’t see it that way. If a photo isn’t good no amount of digital enhancement will make it a good one. We’ve both deleted numerous images that just didn’t have “it”, that spark.

What's important to know is there is no "recipe" of clicks within a program that Larry uses on all of his photos. While some images may end up looking similar, he does not use the same filters and effects for every photo. It's not an automatic "click this, then that, and presto it's done!". Not even close.

He works painstakingly over each image for at least an hour, sometimes longer.  Whatever it takes to get it to the point he feels it's at its best.  Just know there's nothing speedy about his process and it's not about punching out as many images a day as he can.  For us, that's not the point.

Again, it goes back to taking an ordinary photograph and using the tools of technology to channel creativity and make it extraordinary. That's the point!

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